How You Can Excel With Community Planning

As state and local government employees, you face some tough IT obstacles. You have to build digital solutions to meet constituent demand, and design IT systems and architectures to support new services – all in an environment of tight budgets and limited staff. But by conquering these challenges, you can improve the community planning and decision making process in your neighborhoods.

There are thousands of strategies to improve community planning, but sometimes we overlook one of the most basic steps: know your audience. For community planning this could include government employees, citizens, non-profits, the business community and civic organizations. Everyone has a stake in community planning, and by making smart IT investment decisions, you can ultimately help your community arrive at better decisions.

That’s why I wanted to share our latest infographic in partnership with Hyland. We walk you through a Community Planning Flow Chart, breaking down the key actors in community planning. As you go through the flow chat, you’ll find steps you can take to make sure your constituents are engaged in the process, and that you have the right IT tools to support their needs. Some other things you’ll learn:

  • How improved community planning benefits your constituents and government employees
  • The necessary IT components needed to make better decisions
  • Tips on how to get buy-in to modernize systems
  • 4 keys to community planning

Follow along our flow chart to learn how you can excel with community planning.




OnBase is a proven enterprise content management solution for each level of government, helping each meet today’s challenges of smaller budgets and staffs while laying the foundation for simplified, efficient and mobile government information technology. To learn more, visit:http://www.hyland.com/solutions/government.aspx


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