What I Love Most About GovLoop

One of the absolute best aspects of GovLoop – and what puts the biggest smile on my face every day – is when one of you has a question on the job.

You come to GovLoop expecting an answer.

And you get it.

Here’s one example from the last 24 hours:

Brandon asks a question:

Jaime responds within an hour:

I.J. chimes in the next day:

I keep saying that this is like a Google search with a human on the other end…or like Aardvark, but more direct. I’d love for GovLoop to more and more become this kind of go-to resource. You’re on the job and know that you can turn to one another to get help in real time.

If you ever don’t get an answer, be sure to contact me or Steve. We’re spending a lot of time around the site and can probably find people or previous conversations that can get your question answered quickly.

Here’s to helping one another make our jobs easier!

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Andrea Baker

This is why I love that GovLoop has a community manager. You are able to highlight the successes and call attention to where the site might be failing users, in order to fix those issues. Please hug your community manager today!