What’s the Most Creative Use of Old Government Equipment You’ve Seen?

A couple weeks ago, the General Services Administration (GSA) released a bulletin offering guidance to agencies on acceptable ways to repurpose and recycle old government technology. I started another discussion around it last week and we invited GSA’s Jan Dobbs to come on our GovLoop Insights podcast show with Chris Dorobek so that we could learn more about the bulletin.

In particular, the 40-second clip below reminded me of an ingenius project spearheaded by a retired CIA employee at a high school where I worked just outside of DC. Basically, he snagged dozens of old government surplus PCs on the cheap (f not free) and repurposed them as thin clients. He equipped the whole school with the software (stored on centralized servers) that they needed to effectively educate the students. This was 10 years ago and he essentially created a cloud computing environment that saved the school a thousands of dollars and hundreds of IT support hours.

Listen to this exchange between Chris and Jan and see my question after the jump.

GSA’s Jan Dobbs talks with Chris Dorobek by cdorobek

What’s the most creative use of old government equipment / technology that you’ve seen?

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