What’s Your Public Service Story?

What’s your public service story? What unique experiences and insight can you share with someone new to government or your peers?

A fulfilling way to share your story is at this year’s Next Generation of Government Training Summit, taking place August 1-2 in Washington, D.C.

The NextGen speaker contest was created to help you find your voice and share your personal and professional knowledge, challenges and experiences to inspire your government peers.

Apply for a speaking slot to give a 10-minute ‘TEDTalk’ style presentation. Judges will select around 15 finalists and then your peers will vote on which topic they’re most excited about hearing.

The final winners will:

  • Make a lasting impression on hundreds of attendees and speakers.
  • Get access to a public speaking coach to prepare.
  • Get FREE VIP access to NextGen.

No idea what to talk about? Check out last year’s Speaker Contest winners, session recaps and recorded presentations to get inspiration for your own presentation.

No Girls Allowed: How to Thrive as a Young Woman in the Federal Workplace
Nicole Shiley Gilbride, Department of Veterans Affairs

Being new to government is hard enough. Being a woman can make it even harder. Nicole walked through the three biggest mistakes young women make in the federal workplace and gave three positive steps to successfully leverage female millennial status to move into leadership positions.

Defending America with Sticky Notes – Why Government Needs Design Thinking
Joshua J. Marcuse, Department of Defense

Sticky notes can do what?!? In this session Joshua described how he and a team of young govies at the Pentagon brought about innovative ideas and creative processes using sticky notes.

An Ironman’s Approach to Achieving the Impossible: Get the Results You Want
Gloria González, National Institutes of Health

If you’re like most, you wouldn’t dream of competing in an Ironman triathlon that includes a 2.4 mi. swim, 112 mi. bike ride and 26.2 mi. run. Gloria is not like most people. She shared how skills gained from training a triathlon can help you to set and achieve performance-based goals in your personal and professional life.

To Be Brave or Not to Be Brave. Is it Even a Question?
Elizabeth Fischer Laurie, Department of Health and Human Services

In government, so many acts of bravery occur everyday without being noticed. Elizabeth shared her personal story of bravery (stepping out of her comfort zone to finish law school and be a Presidential Management Fellow) and encouraged others to cultivate bravery in acts both big and small with four tips.

Know Your Worth, Learn the System, Find a Champion and Show Up
Cameron Hernandez, Department of Health and Human Services

Getting promoted and moving up in the ranks in government may seem like a bureaucratic chess game. But it’s really all about knowing your worth. Cameron shared his experience of moving up in the ranks, from waiting tables to a career in government and gave three keys to help others do the same.

Now it’s your turn to share your story. Apply for our speaker contest through May 25.

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