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Project Funding Is Not the Enemy

Money is a constant in all work. To start a project, get it off the ground and ensure its success, adequate funding is key. But, receiving that budget is easier said than done. Here’s valuable advice on how to handle the three major stages of project budgeting.

Understand Personality to Be a Better Leader

In the workplace, your interactions with your colleagues matter. But, ensuring positive and supportive connections between your coworkers can be a tough task. One important aspect of building a healthy and successful partnership is accounting for the different emotions and personality preferences of each person.

Announcing the NextGen Public Service Awards Winners!

Every year NextGen highlights 30 public servants who are working to make a difference in government. Our finalists this year represent state, local and federal government agencies. They are engineers, procurement officers, designers, communicators and so much more. They are young, old, shy and loud, they are in front of the camera and behind theRead… Read more »