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When plagiarism isn’t a bad thing: Cybersecurity

As a journalist, a college student a writer by trade, i’ve been filled with the horrors of plagiarism. So when I heard Henry Sienkiewicz tell the crowd gathered at the Keys to Next Generation Security Operations conference that not only is plagiarism ok, it’s encouraged when it comes to cybeersecurity, i was shocked.

Sienkiewicz is the Vice Chief Information Assurance Executive, Defense Information Systems Agency. He was part of a panel moderated by Chris Dorobek.

Sienkiewicz says cybersecurity is an amazing challenge.

Plagiarism as a good thing

“Plagiarism is alive and well in government. We are going to take good ideas from one area and apply them to the rest of government. It saves time, money and resources. When we started with cloud computing at the DoD we looked at the work Peter Mell did over at NIST. We took his framework and we adapted it,” said Sienkiewicz.

Training as an Institution

“We need to institutionalize training. Often times we send our cyber experts to trainings, they get inspired with wonderful ideas, but then they come back to the agency and realize that we didn’t train them on how to make something institutional,” said Sienkiewicz.

Cybersecurity as a branch of Gov.

“We have air, land, sea, space and now cybersecurity forces. The same principles and training that go into training a ground solider need to be applied to the cyber workforce. We can’t go and inject new technology into an organization that is already saturated with a huge workload,” said isa Sienkiewicz. “We need a readiness posture. We need to inject war-fighting disciplines back into this new domain.”

Cyber Workforce as the Individual

“For force sustainment you can treat every cyber warrior the same. You have to look at the methodology on how we are generating the force from everything from the beginning analyst to the advanced. We need to align the force so we can down and say you are a highly qualified warrior. We can put you in one particular function and then recycle you back through the force structure,” said Sienkiewicz.

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