Where does the time go?

I know I find myself saying it – How is it already 6:00, where did the time go?

Once I’ve cranked on some of my GovLoop tasks and ran a few wedding errands it’s already dinner time. If only there was a way to insert a “time out” (Zac Morris style) I’d be able to accomplish all of the new duties I’ve picked up over the last year.

However, it seems like I’m not alone; so far the respondents, of a survey we are currently conducting with Management Concepts, have agreed…45.5% say that their workload has changed in the past year with new duties and an increased workload.

Please take this super quick and easy survey.

Let us know what you are experiencing — not only will we share the results with you – but Management Concepts will donate $1 for every response to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Because time outs are not yet a reality:

What do you do to manage your increased work load?

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Megan Price

I find that I’m more productive the more my plate is overflowing, so for me I will take on more tasks to get me to my prime level of productivity — which can come to bite me when the green beans start drooping to the floor. I find that to do lists and an organized inbox help me stay on top of all the tasks at hand and keep me focused on everything that is going on at once.

Terrence (Terry) Hill

I’m with Megan. I find that I can always do more and be more productive if demands are put on me. In fact, I admit that I rarely am using all of my maximum capacity. This is the real secret, that if we were able to optimize everyone’s capability, we would be able to do much more with less people. I thrive in a demanding environment, which is rare in my current position.

Ben Chambers

As our projects move forward and grow, my responsibilities seem ever expanding — so much so that I now have little time to work on the things I used to do when we started. Maybe if I limit the time spent on email to one hour per day I’ll be able to get more done!