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Thanks to GovLoop’s Partners

Happy Summer everyone! As you know on GovLoop, you are not subjected to blinking banner ads and annoying pop-ups. I think the future of advertising is that it has to be beneficial to the community. Thus, here on GovLoop, you’ll see us work with our awesome partners to put on educational online trainings, special areasRead… Read more »

The Perception of Success is Largely a Matter of Lowering Expectations – John Kinser

“Dad, just so you know… I think I probably failed the test, may drop the class, ruin my GPA, loose the scholarship for the summer, and it’s the end of the world as we know it!” Most every family has one, an over-achiever that makes the rest of us look like slackers. In my familyRead… Read more »

Blog: A Few Thoughts on the CR – Lisa Hayes

This week Congress will vote on a continuing resolution to fund the federal government for the remainder of the current fiscal year. I’ve been looking at the proposal and noticed a few things that might be of interest to grants professionals. First, while the theme of transparency and accountability grow, Congress is planning to slashRead… Read more »

Blog : Kindness – by Mark Leheney

I’ve adopted a new practice I want to share with you, because it’s making a real difference in my own life, and maybe it could in yours, too. You know the bumper sticker, “Practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty?” The one some people sneer at? Well, the people who made and display thatRead… Read more »

Choose Your Battles and Setting the Limits

In Congress the stakeholders’ desire to put just one more ornament on a piece of legislation leads to “Christmas Tree Bills” which often collapse under their own weight. Trying to pack too much into a project (or our lives) can lead to a diffusion of priorities and efforts. Keeping in mind an instructive saying thatRead… Read more »

GovReads: “Achieving Project Management Success in the Federal Government”

A few years ago, I (Andrew Krzmarzick – the guy behind Dr. GovLoop) obtained my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. It’s a grueling process, and I have a lot of respect for others who have taken the time to gain this credential. While there are tons of books written on the subject, very few (ifRead… Read more »

Advancing Your Government Career: A List of Useful Resources

Last week, I had the chance to appear on a Live Video Chat hosted by Penelope Trunk and Ryan Paugh, co-founders of Gen Y networking site Brazen Careerist. The overall topic was “Career Management 101” and my segment specifically covered “Advancing Your Government Career.” I shared a bunch of resources that are available on GovLoopRead… Read more »