Who Runs Gov 2.0?

GovLoop is partnering with Washington Post’s WhoRunsGov through then end of Septemberfor a special event:

“Who Runs Gov 2.0”

Here’s the pitch straight from WhoRunsGov:

Political techies are making government more transparent, but they are working largely behind-the-scenes. WhoRunsGov.com wants to change that.

From now through the end of September, we need you to help us illuminate the people who are using Web 2.0 technologies to make government better, more efficient and more effective. This project is being led in partnership with GovLoop.

To participate, you will first need to Register or Log in if you are already a WhoRunsGov.com contributor.

Once you’ve joined, you can help:

* write one of our featured profiles,
* edit profiles we’ve already published, or
* nominate a leading government tech guru we haven’t yet profiled.

Our directory of the most tech-savvy government officials is far from complete. Below, we’ve selected a handful of top government techies to profile collaboratively. Write a sentence or a section – it’s up to you. You can find information on the kind of sources we use in our profiles here and a guide on how to update profiles here.

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Dave Bender

You’ve probably profiled (him) this person, but on the federal (US-EPA) side, I would without reservation
Jeffrey Levy
Director of Web Communications
Office of Public Affairs
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
[email protected]
202-564-9727 (cell for emergencies: 202-309-9445)

Stacy Surla

Joyce Bounds
Director of Web Communications
Veterans Health Administration
[email protected]

She’s also co-chair of the VA’s Social Media Committee, and has oversight for VA’s Web Governance Social Media Sub-Committee.

Brad Blake

Not just so I can pay someone to nominate me (kidding), but does this include state or local government at all? It looks to be just federal, but wanted to double-check. I think some of the most interesting things are happening in different pockets at various states and municipalities in the midst of being challenged with extremely limited resources (which sometimes drives the initiative to do things differently or “2.0”!).