Why Government Has a Hard-Time Recruiting at Harvard

Great article on why Harvard kids go to work to Wall Street and not public service jobs.


Short story..not money or work.

It’s – the process is straight-forward and easy. Here’s a quote “it is simply easier to get a corporate firm job than any other job. By contrast, it’s hard to get a public interest job.”

Another quote – “As Ezra Klein points out–it’s not always about the money, it’s often
about how easy it is to get a job. The program at UVA law that forgave
loans in exchange for working in public service did nothing to help
students get a job in public service. It was just a loan forgiveness

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Neil Tambe

I think the author’s point rings true. What’s worse, it’s often overlooked…or has been over the past few years. Thankfully, we’ve seen an increased focus on the hiring process (in the last week even, woo!).

Relationships matter too. A working relationship makes the hiring process easier, more effective and more efficient for employers and recruits. Sure, social media and other digital tools help. But if you ask me, there are three things which are absolutely crucial when rebuilding relationships between agencies and employers – or any relationship, in any context for that matter – commitment, time and energy.

I’ve noticed a renewed interest between agencies and universities when it comes to (re)building relationships. The more time passes, the better the relationships will get and more alumni will be able to serve as ambassadors. The private sector seems to be really good at this, but there’s no reason the public sector can’t catch up quickly.

Great post!