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Erica A Morin Comment by Erica A Morin 30 seconds ago
Got to love this site. Thanks everyone for this fantastically quick response!

Emi Whittle Comment by Emi Whittle 21 minutes ago
Another website listing authors that visit schools but again, some charge, some ask for travel expenses,… you’d just have to contact them to see.
Only other thought is if you found a “budding” writer seeking free publicity… not sure where to look for that though – good luck Erica!

Charlie KufsComment by Charlie Kufs 28 minutes ago
Put an ad on Craig’s list for your location. Names won’t respond but there will be more than a few POD authors who’ll want to advertise their works by reading them at schools. There’ll also be unpublished authors looking for reactions from their intended audience. Just be sure to screen the books first.

Emi WhittleComment by Emi Whittle 36 minutes ago
P.S. Some of them charge a fee – I don’t know if they all do, or if you contacted them, if they do some “free” things as well.

Emi WhittleComment by Emi Whittle 41 minutes ago
Authors and Illustrators who visit schools

Erica A MorinComment by Erica A Morin 48 minutes ago
Hi writing group! I’m not that connected to the writing world directly (lots of stuff in a box in the closet) but value those of you who are putting it out there. As a PTA parent, I have a favor/question/request.

I am trying to locate authors of children’s books (or, at least books that are read by kids in elementary school) who would be willing to speak at my son’s school (or event if I can build this up).

While I orginially hoped to snag a “name” (and I wouldn’t turn one down), it occurred to me that if I could line up a series speakers throughout the year to expose the students to a variety of writers(newspapers, social media, print, mag, etc) and styles (fiction/non-fiction, poetry, etc) and themes (mystery, comedy, drama, science fiction, fantasy, etc).

My idea is for this to occur next school year so I have time to set it all in motion and line up the venue et al. I doubt there would be any payment for the gig except some coffee/soda/cupcakes and an audience of potential readers. If anyone is interested, or knows someone who might be interested, or rubs elbows with a “name” down the street, please let me know.

Keep on writing!

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Sterling Whitehead

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