Your Choice: Quiet Quitting or Quiet Thriving

For people who have lost interest in their jobs, a recent article in the Washington Post offers an alternative to quiet quitting.

Quiet quitting, you might remember, is often used to describe in which people, feeling unengaged at work, opt to keep doing the job but not to overdo it. They settle for good enough, you might say.

But here’s another idea: Instead of quitting on the job and hoping others don’t notice, find ways to make your work or at least your work-life more interesting. That is, try quiet thriving.

Check out the article in the Washington Post for 10 ideas you can try.

If you can’t access the Post article, try this one in Healthshots or this one at Slice.

For a more skeptical perspective, check out this article on Medium.

Photo by kate.sade on Unsplash

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