You're approved!

You’re Approved!

No, we’re not talking about getting approved for that new credit card that you’ve been eyeing. We’re talking about getting official approval to attend the Next Generation of Government Training Summit in Washington, D.C. on July 27-28!

Submitting a training request can be more time-consuming and stressful than applying for a mortgage. Did you fill out the form correctly? Did you dot your I’s and cross your T’s? Do you have all the information you need on hand to make a strong case for why your organization should invest in you? Is it going to pass through all of the approvals needed (your boss, your boss’ boss, HR, the training department, etc)?

In order to take out some of the guesswork and stress, we created an Approval Toolkit to help you through the approval process so you can get the definitive ‘yes’. It contains:

  • 2017 NextGen Agenda: Highlight which sessions or speakers are most relevant to you and your role at your agency. This is the strongest way to make a connection between what you’ll be learning at the summit, and what you can take back to the office with you.
  • Justification Letter: We know you’re a busy public servant, so we did some of the legwork for you by creating a justification letter to send directly to your boss.
  • Sample SF-182 Form: More than likely, you’ll need to fill out this OPM form to get budget approval. Ours has most of the information you need already filled out.
  • Group Perks Flier: If you’re doing all this work to get yourself approved to attend NextGen. Why not make the case to go with some colleagues? Groups of five or more receive special discounts (and swag!).

Download the toolkit now and get on the road to NextGen 2017! See you in July!

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