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10 Agencies On The Up Swing.. Or At Least their Employees Think So

A week or to ago I went ahead and made my top 5 worst agencies to work for list. We’ll the list wasn’t really mine but rather just the results from the Best Places to Work Survey.

Well that’s enough focus on the negative for me, instead lets take a look at agencies who showed massive gains in employee satisfaction.

10.) Dept. of Education – This might be the one I’m happiest to see on this list. We seriously need good people in this agency and keeping them happy means keeping them around most likely.

9.) Agency for International Development – Talk about global reach. First off you are helping out and second off there’s probably a decent shot you get to travel to some cool places. I’d be pretty happy too!

8.) Dept. of Homeland Security – Well it’s makes sense that employee satisfaction has gone up here as they no longer have to deal with my antics. In all seriousness though DHS didn’t have the best wrap when I was working there but it’s nice to see them moving up the ranks.

7.) Office of Personnel Management – The creator of the employee satisifaction is on its way up.

Is this a form of insider training? Did they taint the results? Nope…I’ve heard they have been working hard internally and it’s cool to see the model..become the model

6.) Court Services and Offender Supervision Services – This is a head scratcher for me. Seems like a lot of paper work but then again that government as a whole. I am a believer in second changes though.

5.) National Transportation Safety Board – Well, I like to see that this agency is on the up and up because I travel quite a bit and would prefer that no accidents happen.

4.) National Endowment of the Arts – Music, Movies and sweet paintings yes please! Also what these people do and how they do can determine culture which is pretty cool.

3.) Commodity and Trading Futures Commission – According to their description they protect us from financial abuse and unfair sale prices. Does this mean they have the power to keep gas down? If so I’m all about it!

2.) Federal Maritime Commission – They protect and regulate ocean transportation of foreign commerce. This to me means they keeps our stuff safe from pirates, nuff said!

1.) Small Business Association – Helping aid small businesses and keeping Wal-mart from taking over the world are noble causes.

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Jay S. Daughtry, ChatterBachs

Great list, Steve! I also love the personal commentary. On #8, didn’t you mean “…DHS didn’t have the best ‘rep'”? With the financial reform movement, my understanding is that #3 CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) is also getting more powerful.

Leonard Sipes

“Court Services and Offender Supervision Services – This is a head scratcher for me. Seems like a lot of paper work but then again that government as a whole (sic). I am a believer in second changes though.”

“This is a head scratcher for me?” It is? We’re the best agency in federal service.

“I am a believer in second chances” What the heck do you mean by this? We are one of the most respected criminal justice agencies in the country.

Steve: You’re supposed to be promoting the good things about government employees, not bringing them down.

I love Gov Loop, but employees take offense to the comments.

The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency had the highest percentage increase in employee satisfaction in federal service for the last survey and again the data indicates that we are one of the better agencies to work for.

Best, Len.