12 Books to Help You Do Your Job Better – Plus the 7 Gov Stories

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  • Sometimes you can’t choose your supporting cast. You have to manage what you have and make the best of it. Managers sometimes inherit employees they don’t know how to develop and they must work directly with peers they don’t mesh with. But the best leaders will always find a way to compromise and push forward. We get some insider tips.

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But up front: The DorobekINSIDER summer reading list: 12 books to help you do your job better

As life generally slows down during the summer, it is a good time to do a bit of reflection. One of the best says to do that for me is by reading. And there are some great books out there worth your time.

A few of my favorites:

Tom Fox from the Partnership for Public Service gave us his summer reading list last year. And if you are more of a movie kind of person, Fox offered leadership lessons from movies… there is even a book on the subject: Movies to Manage By by John Clemens.

Finally, FastCompany recently posted 9 Beach Reads For Ambitious People:

The SEVEN stories that impact your life

  1. Government Executive: Senators Want a Proper Count of Intelligence Contractors- “The 17 agencies in the intelligence community must get a better handle on the extent of their reliance on contractors, witnesses told a Senate panel on Wednesday. Overuse of outsourcing presents risks to both national security and managerial efficiency, senators and an auditor warned.”

  2. Federal Times: VA to conduct monthly inspections of scheduling practices- “The Veterans Affairs Department will be conducting monthly in-person reviews of scheduling practices in every clinic it oversees, according to a June 18 announcement by acting secretary Sloan Gibson. Widespread reports of falsified wait lists and improper scheduling practices has sparked an inspector general investigation, the resignation of former VA secretary Eric Shinseki and a flurry of legislation that would make it easier to fire senior management and reform the VA health care system.”

  3. IRS: IRS Makes Changes to Offshore Programs; Revisions Ease Burden and Help More Taxpayers Come into Compliance- “The Internal Revenue Service announced today major changes in its offshore voluntary compliance programs, providing new options to help both taxpayers residing overseas and those residing in the United States. The changes are anticipated to provide thousands of people a new avenue to come into compliance with their U.S. tax obligations.”

  4. FCW: IGs seek better access to federal clouds- “The trouble started in 2006, when Chuck Coe, the assistant Inspector general for IT audits and computer crime at the Department of Education, had to issue a subpoena to a subcontractor to get access to IP addresses and diagrams from a subcontractor doing hosting for the agency. The subcontractor challenged Coe in court, out of concern that the investigation might compromise the security of other customers. Coe prevailed; the subcontractor unmingled the Education data from its public cloud and put them in their own environment.”

  5. Federal News Radio: Sequestration pushes DHS contract spending to lowest level ever- “The Department of Homeland Security’s contract spending continued to decline during the first year of sequestration and fell to its lowest level ever, according to a new independent analysis of government contract data.”

  6. Nextgov: IRS Emails Wouldn’t Have Vanished in the Cloud- “The Internal Revenue Service likely would not have lost years’ worth of emails critical to ongoing investigations if the agency had been using a cloud-based email system, industry officials say.

  7. Federal News Radio: VA chief: More vets wait 30 days for appointment- “About 10 percent of veterans seeking medical care at VA hospitals and clinics have to wait at least 30 days for an appointment — more than twice the percentage of veterans the government said last week were forced to endure long waits, the acting veterans affairs secretary said Wednesday.”

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