14 Quotes on Why You Should Attend Next Generation of Government Summit

***Part of our blog series as we gear up for July 28/29th GovLoop/Young Government Leaders Next Generation of Government Summit***

It’s a big commitment to take off 2 days of work and spend training money to go a training conference like the GovLoop/Young Government Leaders Next Generation of Government Summit.

Before I sign up to attend training, I always want to hear from others who have been the training or conference in the previously years.

As such, here’s 14 quotes from last year’s Next Generation of Government attendees on their experience on why you should go (or send your staff).

1) Scott Span, NGG10 Speaker
“My biggest learning from NGG10: Government is in good hands!

2) TSA Training Coordinator
“Our staff we sent to Next Gen came back more active and energized than ever”

3) Nichole Henley, HHS
This event had the highest energy level of any I can recall attending in a long time, both from the speakers and the attendees! The next generation of government truly is a group of passionate, talented, motivated, engaged, ambitions individuals who are looking to make a difference – my thanks!”

4) I.J, Coast Guard
“The opening and closing sessions were amazing. Opening sessions do set the tone for the overall conference and if it had sucked then I sure the whole summit would have been dragged under. But thankfully this was not the case.”

5) Rebecca Roggenbuck, USDA
“This was one of the most well thought out and organized conferences I have ever attended and I overheard several people saying the same thing. Great job!”

6) Noha Gaber, EPA
“Heard the summit was AWESOME! So sorry I missed it! I’ll make sure to be in town for next year’s one!”

7) Randi Greenberg, DHS ICE
“GREAT first day of the summit! I am incredibly impressed by both the speakers and the attendees. Reminds me of why i’m proud to be a public servant and excites me about the future of government. Nicely done, sir!!”

8) Andy Palanisamy, DOT
“Steve, Day 1 was really great. Enjoyed meeting you and quite a few of our GovLoop-ers. Thanks for putting together such an awesome show. And of course, you guys did one better with the reception that followed the event.”

9) Christopher Dorobek, Dorobek Insider
“Really great job with the NextGen Summit. Great energy… Great ideas… great discussion… Great job!”

10) Jack Bienko, SBA
“The whole team did a superb effort in convening so many positive, energetic, and bright leaders. Way to go!”

11) Alycia Piazza, GSA
“I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to participate in such a great conference…You guys pulled it off effortlessly.”

12) Andrew K. Danto, GSA
“I just wanted to say the summit was great. One of the better events I have attended for sure.”

13) Joshua Folk, Online Video
Thanks again for all of your hard work into making this week’s conference possible. I am always inspired by those that can execute on a vision and make it reality. Your idea affected hundreds of young, motivated people in a very positive way. Please stay in touch and let me know if I can help with any future projects/initiatives

14) Heather Kerrigan, Governing
“It was a wonderful experience to be in a room full of young, energetic government employees to discuss the changing face of government and its services, customers and employees. The event generated many good ideas and lessons for government employees.”

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