15 Ways to Make Today Awesome

1. Get another cup of coffee

2. Clear all the clutter off your desk

3. Allow yourself 15 minutes to cruise around the internet and find the next place you want to travel to (personally, I’d vote for Scotland)

4. Write a blog post – even if only half-baked – and make it live

5. Watch a TED talk

6. Listen to a song that really does it for you

7. Print this out and tape it to your wall

8. Realize – I have this moment right now – and that’s about all I will ever really have

9. Finish a project that lives in purgatory

10. Think of your to do list as not “what I have to do” but “what I get to do”

11. Allocate time blocks to your top projects, get those bad boys done and plan to leave the office at 5:30

12. Email someone back that you haven’t gotten to

13. Make a decision you’ve been avoiding

14. Have lunch with a coworker

15. Remember: it’s Friday!

Just, whatever you do, don’t watch this. Oh, nevermind, Rebecca Black did that for you.

*** What are yours? How are you going to make today awesome?

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Stephanie Slade

I love these! I think the one about clearing away clutter is my favorite. Being surrounded by chaos is distracting and stressful. Also love the “it’s your life” image, obviously.

Ramon Caban

Definitely going to need more bulletin boards! Taking 15 minutes to brainstorm the next vacation is even greater!