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Project of the Week: NCDOT Improvement

This week’s Project of the Week is brought to you by one of GovLoop’s 2011 Major Partners, SAP Public Services. As the year continues they will continue to be present on GovLoop to help educate and mobilize your agency.

Dr. GovLoop recently caught wind of a great project SAP conducted to get North Carolina’s Department of Transportation moving in a better direction:

North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has successfully implemented the Grantor module of SAP CRM to manage $500M in grant programs. The Grantor module has allowed NC DOT to significantly improve data accuracy by providing online data validation checks and by populating forms with application data, eliminating manual data entry. By improving the quality of information, the application life cycle period was reduced by 50%.

Constituents logon through a partner portal (SAP EP) to access the CRM-based Grants system where they can complete online applications and submit invoices against approved contracts. Users can also check their status during each phase of the process. NCDOT has 8 grant programs live on the new system which was rolled out to nearly 1,000 sub-recipients. Using Adobe interactive forms to replicate the current application and claim forms has reduced training needs and increased the adoption rate. NCDOT has additional business unit grant programs currently under development. Check out the user interface

Want to learn more? Visit SAP Public Services online.

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ali mohammed

This application has been very well recieved by the users as they are using the PDF interactive forms to fill up their application forms and required minimal change management . SAP Grants is awesome .