20 Inspirational Quotes from NextGen

Last week, we held the Next Generation of Government Training Summit. There were lots of big ideas, great conversations, and my favorite – pithy, inspirational quotes.

Here’s my 20 favorite quotes from the event:

1) When one person does something that’s great, but when a whole community does it together — that’s real change. -Alden Stoner

2) Successful innovators look through disruption and see a window of opportunity. –

3) Ultimately that is what social innovation is all about. Finding new answers to old problems. –

4) Strategy is a pattern to produce results

5) When you & your manager craft your role based on your strengths, you’re twice as likely to be fully engaged at work!

6) If you can’t find a reason to smile when you are at work, how can you enjoy being there? –

7) The tone for an interview should be intense curiosity. What, how, and tell me more are your follow ups.

8) In gov. its easy to say no, harder to say yes, but “there is a solution to every problem.”

9) I hate the word innovation. What does it mean? It means applying the direct result of freedom to experiment –

10) Lessons from improv: Support the ensemble, learn to say “yes and…” to build on ideas, adapt to the unexpected

11) Steps to getting the right folks: scorecard (define outcomes), source (recruit via network), select (interview well), sell

12) “Have the energy it takes to move mountains.” –

13) I have seen leadership – and cynicism – in 8 year olds and 88 year olds; its about a mindset, not a b’day –:

14) If you go to the hill you’d think the country was run by 20 somethings who find senior citizens to stand in front of podiums – –

15) Bringing change in govt is like chemistry, you need to bring people like ingredients & activate them w/ a catalyst. –

16) Nothing builds trust like showing vulnerability –

17) Be the superhero the government needs. –

18)I have a strategic plan- it’s called “doing things”

19) . on being a change agent in gov: 1. Come from a place of loving gov 2. Respect the people, but change the system

20) Did you dream of making a difference in the world when you were a kid? Are you today? –

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John L. Waid

Re #3 If you are still trying to solve the old problem, then the previous “answers” were not answers.

Re #12. Why are you trying to move mountains? Fly over them.