3 Bold Predictions for 2015

ItM14_Cover_250pxRecently, GovLoop launched our end-of-year report highlighting the top innovations of 2014. But what’s on the horizon for 2015? Below I’ve provided a look at what to expect in 2015, and be sure to check out the report to find out what else we believe is in store for next year.

1. Announcement of More Chief Data Officers

In June, Commerce announced it would hire its first Chief Data Officer (CDO). The role is an important step for the department to help unlock insights from the volumes of data it collects, stores and manages — and more agencies are sure to follow.

The 2014 IDG Enterprise Big Data research study shows that organizations are experiencing rapid growth in the volume of data they manage. The report expects that organizational information will increase by 76 percent in the next 12 to 18 months.

Because of this growth, many government agencies are looking to hire a CDO who can help an agency balance business and technology risks to capitalize on the promise of big data.

2. Increased Funding of Civic Startups

Traditionally, government-oriented startups struggle to raise venture capital because they are typically a harder sell to government CTOs who are stuck with legacy systems and outdated procurement policies. But now, armed with a $23 million fund dedicated solely to government startups, the Govtech Fund is changing the game.

Ron Bouganim founded the Govtech Fund, and brings extensive knowledge about the startup community. He’s previously worked closely with more than 20 startups and he’s been a board member for companies such as Kiva, Full Circle Fund, Endeavor, Presidio Knolls School and Code for America.

The company will help startups build hardware and software tools to improve service delivery and government operations in areas such as procurement, infrastructure, regulations, taxes, permitting — whatever can help government work more efficiently and effectively.

3. Breakthrough on Procurement Models

This year, the Department of Health and Human Services laid the groundwork to change the way the agency buys IT. Launched in April, the HHS Buyers Club is looking to transform the procurement process at the department. Recognizing that the current system is slow and laborious, HHS officials decided they needed a new way to procure IT and keep pace with new technology.

The HHS Buyers Club is creating a playbook that pulls together templates for contract officers. Agencies can use these templates to quickly procure IT tools. The club will help acquisition professionals by testing new procurement methodologies, sharing processes and improving engagement with education and outreach efforts.

HHS CTO Bryan Sivak has led the charge and the buyers club has already seen success. On the last day of fiscal 2014, HHS selected Akira Technologies to work with the department’s Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, helping to redesign public and internal websites. HHS is changing the way that government buys IT. In 2015, we expect to see this program grow, and help HHS become more agile in its procurement of IT.

Be sure to check out GovLoop’s guide for a retrospective of 2014, and a peek into 2015.



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