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3 Tech Trends In Government

Since GovLoop was founded, we have been holding various meet ups for government employees across the country. Our latest stop was in Austin, Texas, in which we gathered to discuss three of the top technology trends in government. Our session focused on social media, mobile, and cloud technology.

The event was not only a great chance for government employees to connect through a face to face networking event, but also by attending the GovUp, attendees were awarded two continuing education credits through a partnership with the Texas Department of Information Resources.

To check out a summary of the event, take a look at the PDF below. The report provides some lessons learned related to mobile, social media and cloud. The session wrapped up with a great discussion on how to manage change. Many of these new tech trends can be viewed as disruptive technology, and our panelist gave some great advice to overcome common challenges. Two quotes that stood out to me during the sessions were:

“Expertise around technology happens in your own organization, technology is about people and who use it, and how you can best serve your organizations needs.”

– Angela Newell: Research and Strategy Management Coordinator, Infor- mation Technology Services, The University of Texas at Austin

“Don’t do change in a vacuum – get the right players involved, gather support of key stakeholders.”

– Larry Schooler, Community Engagement Mediator, City of Austin

Download a Summary of the Austin GovUp

The Technology Solutions Council was the sponsor of this event. The Technology Solutions Council is a partnership between private companies and the government GovLoop community who are focused on researching, collaborating and enhancing technological solutions, processes and services. The Austin GovUp was sponsored by the following organizations: CenturyLink, Cisco, Google, GovDelivery, HP, Microsoft and Oracle. The GovLoop team thanks our partners for their support, and allowing us to host this great event for nearly 50 government employees.

GovLoop would also like to thank our speakers and panel. The panel was comprised of:

  • Jon Lee, e-gov Business Analyst, Texas Department of Information Resources
  • Angela Newell, Research and Strategy Management Coordinator, Information Technology Services, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Steven Polunsky, Director of the Texas Senate Committee on Business and Commerce
  • Larry Schooler, Community Engagement Mediator, City of Austin
  • Steve Ressler, Founder, GovLoop (moderator)

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