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3 things feds don’t know about local government

Right now federal, state and local governments are plagued with similar problems: tight budgets, implementing new technologies, utilizing social media and dealing with low public support.

But there are some big differences too.

Ron Carlee is the Chief Operating Officer at International City/County Management Association.

He told Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program there are some things feds just don’t get about local government.

Carlee’s 3 things feds don’t get about local government

  1. The structure of local government is very complex. Most people don’t study it in school.
  2. Local government is different in every state.
  3. There are very few general rules about what/how a local government should look or operate.

“For those feds who interface with local government, understanding these complexities are very important,” Carlee said.

What else don’t feds get about local government and vice versa?

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