5 Best Resources to Enhance Your Public Speaking

According to the 2018 Chapman University Survey of American Fears, public speaking ranked higher than reptiles, large volcanic eruptions, and technology that people don’t understand. We actively try to quell two of those four fears here at GovLoop — which doesn’t include volcanic eruptions, sorry.

But today, we especially have your public speaking woes in mind. Below are our top five resources to help you out.

Deep Breaths: Tips to Feel Better About Your Public Speaking

Your heart is racing. Your breathing has become shallow and rapid. These physical symptoms can only mean one of two things: either you just had the realization that we are somehow two full months into the new year, or you’re about to do some public speaking.

Elevate Your Public Speaking Skills

“What you say is important, but if you don’t look the part and sound the part, your audience won’t pay attention,” said Deb Sofield, a distinguished speech coach.


The Power of Practice: A Toastmaster’s Public Speaking Journey

Although I’ve never had a fear of public speaking, I knew my communication skills could be honed; practicing would be the most effective way to improve.

3 Tips for Effective Public Speaking

No matter your personality type, with patience and preparation, even the most timid talker can overcome a fear of public speaking.


Public Speaking Worksheet

Everyone is a public speaker. More importantly, everyone has the potential to be a great public speaker. This worksheet is designed to help you unleash that inner potential by giving you the tools and knowledge you need to make your voice heard.

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