5 Ways to Incorporate What You Learned at a Training in Your Office

Have you attended a conference or participated in a training session lately? Do you need tips on how to get the ball rolling back at your office?

Sometimes coming up with an action plan to share with your office can be difficult. Hopefully, these five tips can help you create the type of change you were inspired by at your training.

  1. Share best practices with your manager

After you return from your training, set up a meeting with your manager to discuss some of the takeaways that the training provided. You and your manager can brainstorm ways to help improve the office environment and implement new best practices.

It’s important to your manager informed and in the loop. Not only will it help you build a stronger professional relationship, but it can also allow you to attend more trainings in the future.

  1. Host a brown bag lunch

Share your newfound knowledge with your co-workers during a lunch session to boost morale and improve workplace relations.

The information that you provide to them can help improve employee performances. A brown bag lunch can also serve as an easy self-led leadership initiative.

  1. Participate in team goal setting

After your brown bag session, gather your office team together to set new goals. Lead the effort to initiate some of the best practices you and your manager discussed with your team.

  1. Create a development plan

Using the advice from your training, come up with new ways that you can implement change within your daily schedule. Write out an action plan and put it somewhere on your desk where you can see it.

This will encourage you to hold yourself accountable and be more engaging at work.

  1. Be flexible

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It will take some time to implement all of the new changes, but don’t get discouraged if you have to adjust your timeline.

This new plan will not only benefit you but also everyone in your office. Take as much time as you need to ensure success.

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Nya Jackson

Good tips, especially if you take action 1-2 weeks after attending a training while you’re still excited and the knowledge is fresh.