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5 Ways to Increase Your Friends and Influence on GovLoop

You know what seems to be one of the hidden secrets on GovLoop?

Friending and messaging other members!

As the community manager, I’d like to peel back the curtain and reveal 3 surefire ways to help you increase your number of friends/colleagues on GovLoop and 2 tips to leverage those connections to ratchet up your influence/engagement.

STEP A: Increase Your Friends on GovLoop

1. Friend someone when they like or comment on your blog. Just click on their picture to go to their profile. On the left side of the page under their photo, click “Add as Friend.”

2. Find colleagues with a specific title or agency by using our Member Search. Every week, take 5 minutes and search for people like you. *Hint* I like using title and organization and a variety of search terms to find people with similar backgrounds.

3. Find colleagues in your same geographic area. You can quickly find people by city and state: Click here to find by location

STEP B: Increase Your Influence on GovLoop

4. When you post a new blog or discussion, send a message to your friends on GovLoop.
a. Go here to compose your message
b. Go through your list and select all or just pick a few highly relevant people.
c. Promote your own or someone else’s blog or discussion – i.e. “Hey, Susan needs help with her question” or “Ron wrote an especially insightful blog here”

5. Write kudos on people’s Profile Comment Walls. If you’re browsing other people’s blogs and forums and find someone who wrote a great post or offered an excellent comment, click on their picture and write on their Comment Wall. I guarantee it will make their day! While you’re at it, why not do #1 and Friend them! 😉

** BONUS: If you have colleagues that are NOT on GovLoop, why not invite them to join or send them an occasional email with great insights that you discover?

Let me know how else I can help you to leverage GovLoop to extend your network and advance your career.

Also, if you’d like to learn more about being a Community Leader or an Expert Facilitator, please email me at [email protected]

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Avatar photo Bill Brantley

Nice tips but what if some of us want to opt out of the emails? I tend not to send out announcements about my postings because I am sensitive about spamming peoples’ mailboxes.

Avatar photo Katelyn Keegan

You can edit your email settings by clicking on “Settings” on the toolbar under your name on the upper right. From there select “Email” and you can deselect or select which alerts you wish to receive from GovLoop.

Andrew K Kirk

I’ve been using Social Media for just over 7 years now, but as a GovLoop noob I found your information super helpful. Thanks!