Keep the Hybrid Workplace Connected and Secure
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Keep the Hybrid Workplace Connected & Secure

While government agencies have instituted return-to-office policies, most continue to allow employees to work remotely a portion of each week. In short, the hybrid workplace is here to stay.

The challenge now is to develop a security strategy that protects agency resources regardless of where employees are located. Here’s a quick use case of how Monroe County, Georgia, successfully left its traditional hub-and-spoke security architecture behind:

Monroe County’s outdated firewalls and traditional antivirus weren’t sufficient to defend against ransomware. Preparing to adopt Software-as-a-Service applications, the county sought a modern solution.

By putting a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution in place, this agency is now capable of:

• Automatic blocking of cyber threats.
• Consistent security policies across cloud applications.
• Granular control of user access to applications and cloud services.

Monroe County’s one-person IT department can now defend the enterprise, endpoints and SaaS against zero-day attacks in real time, thanks to better visibility and control over end-user devices and simplified
security operations.

This infographic, “How to Keep the Hybrid Workplace Connected and Secure,” offers more information and examples of how you can better secure your systems while allowing for hybrid work.

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