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6 Words & 4 Reasons I’m Excited about Introducing DorobekInsider

I’m excited to introduce our GovLoop Insights Dorobek Daily radio show launching today at noon.

DoD Cuts, Leadership Challenges and More – DorobekINISIDER, episode 1 by GovLoop Insights

For those that have been paying attention, this is an extension of our weekly Insights podcast we’ve been conducting for the past few months at Insights.GovLoop.com. Every day Chris will host a 1-hour show where he’ll highlight top news and interviews on key topics (from acquisition to technology to pay/benefits) and integrate the ideas and questions throughout GovLoop.

This is all part of the push on GovLoop we’ve made over the last few months to focus on being the “knowledge network for government.” We’ve focused our redesign on 7 sub-communities with expert facilitators curating great daily blogs and discussions on important tools. We’ve launched new tools like our Per Diem and Salary calculators as well as Jobs.GovLoop.com and Directory.GovLoop.com to help you get ahead in your career. And we’ve integrated the best of GovLoop into guides, infographs, and online training experiences. All in all – we want GovLoop to be your knowledge network – the place you go to get smart about your job and get ahead in your career.

In typical GovLoop fashion, I thought I’d give 4 reasons why I’m excited about the DorobekInsider Daily:

1) Chris is Awesome – I’ve known Chris for awhile and he’s one of the best in the government space (former editor of Federal Computer Week and host of Federal News Radio Daily Drive) in terms of caring about government and knowing the key issues. Emily, who is producing the show, rocks (can’t go wrong with fellow Ohioans).

2) Different Forms of Engagement – After 3 years of GovLoop, I’m a big believer in that there you need to provide multiple forms for engagement in any community. Some members are content reading the daily newsletter, some are heavily engaged and love commenting on blogs & discussions, others love our online trainings & mentoring program. Radio and podcasts are another great medium to learn on the go (or background while you work).

3) Crowdsourcing Challenges – Over the years, I’ve talked to numerous senior leaders who love GovLoop. They read the newsletter and key blogs/discussions, but often don’t have time to dive in and ask questions themselves. They often tell me their biggest challenges in person and ask if I’ll post for them. The podcast allows us another way to engage with these leaders and hear their challenges which we can then crowdsource solutions for on GovLoop.

4) Same Mission: 6 Words – Chris always ends every show with his favorite 6 words “helping you do your job better.” That is the same goal of GovLoop as a knowledge network where we try to provide experiences to connect, learn, and do your job better.

Chris said it better than I could have in his post:

“DorobekInsider + GovLoop = Helping you do your job better”

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Stephen Buckley

Is there anything that invites listener engagement (even an after-show topic discussion)? I’ve looked all around the various links for the show, and can find nothing on that. If there are such links, then they need to be easier for listeners to join a discussion. Thanks.

Stephen Buckley