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Inspiring Things to Read, Follow, Watch and Listen

Taking a step back to gain some perspective can lead to clearer thinking or better ideas and is essential to personal and professional development. The best way to gain some perspective is to pursue lots of different subjects that interest you. Check out where we get our inspiration.

5 Tips for Combating PTSD (Public Transportation Stress Disorder)

This week I finally got around to doing the annual re-certification for my public transportation subsidy program benefits (I started getting emails about it in September, so clearly I’m on top of my game). Before I clicked “submit” I took a minute to think about what I’m really getting out of this program. YES, inRead… Read more »

Finding the Soul in Social

The heart of every social media campaign is its content. Increasingly, audiences are tuning out what doesn’t ring true to them or strike a personal chord. Key resonators for people—writing style , entertainment value, and emotional connection—are crucial to every aspect of online material. At one of last week’s Social Media workshops that ran throughoutRead… Read more »

6 Words & 4 Reasons I’m Excited about Introducing DorobekInsider

I’m excited to introduce our GovLoop Insights Dorobek Daily radio show launching today at noon. DoD Cuts, Leadership Challenges and More – DorobekINISIDER, episode 1 by GovLoop Insights For those that have been paying attention, this is an extension of our weekly Insights podcast we’ve been conducting for the past few months at EveryRead… Read more »