A 21st Century Government

Today, government is pressed to find new ways to operate and modernize services. To that end, agencies are looking create clear and concise digital strategies. Whether it be through a mobile initiative, implementing cloud computing, or driving decisions through data, government is beginning a transformation process into a 21st century model of governance, with emerging technology leading the way.

At GovLoop, we’re excited about this shift towards better digital services and technological implementations in government. We know that government leaders at all levels of government are striving to deliver excellent, citizen-centric service to their constituents – even while on a budget. In addition to tight resources, they must continually adjust to rising citizen expectations. Nowadays, citizens want to interact with government just like they do with any other organization- on the go and most likely, on a mobile device. Most people don’t want to wait in line to file a permit – they want to file online. If they have an issue like a pothole on their street, they don’t want to trek all the way to a town hall meeting. Instead, they want to post about it on an app or tweet.

Many governments are rising to the occasion of this new 21st century government – a government that leverages new technology and better methods of implementation to deliver the best services possible to their citizens. We’ve written about plenty of them in our guides, from state and local government innovators to those at the forefront of agile project management and citizen engagement.

But we do hear from the GovLoop audience that many in the public sector are struggling with the best ways to take advantage of new technologies and rising citizen expectations. What does good digital government look like? What is human-centered design and how does it affect citizen services? How can you deliver and implement on agile IT projects?

One of the premiere places where you can best learn about how to create a 21st century government is the fast-approaching Code for America Summit, taking place September 30 – October 2 in Oakland, California.

Code for America, a non-profit that brings technologists into government and supports new practices among existing teams to change how government delivers services, holds this annual summit to gather civic tech leaders and discuss ways technology can impact government for the better.

This year’s Summit focus is Transforming Government for the 21st Century. In preparation, Code for America has focused on seven principles for a 21st century government, which you can view here:

The Summit will continue an expansion of this 21st century government theme, including sessions that address the following:

Defining a “21st Century Government” Lightning Talks:

If government is to truly work for the people and by the people, then it needs to work in the 21st century. In this series of talks, we’ll spotlight what 21st century government looks like: harnessing the power of the community, embracing digital, and putting user needs first.

Speakers: Jacob Solomon, Health Product Manager, Code for America; Harlan Weber, Captain, Code for Boston; Karen Boyd, Director of Communications, City of Oakland, CA

21st Century Tools: How Technology Encodes Practices

New tools and products for government not only offer cost savings and efficiencies, but also help government teams work in new ways that promote greater collaboration, transparency, and a clearer focus on their users. See how cities across the United States are using and building new tools that are dramatically reshaping how they operate.

Speakers: Jonathan Feldman Chief Information Officer, City of Asheville; Dr. Amen Ra Mashariki, Chief Analytics Officer, City of New York; Frances Berriman, Interim Director of Communications & Engagement, Code for America; Cyd Harrell, Senior Director of Product, Code for America; Alex Soble, 2015 Somerville Fellow, Code for America

The Strategy is Delivery: Practices of 21st Century Government

Transforming government isn’t merely about adopting new technology: it’s also about embedding new approaches to problem solving and service delivery within teams and organizations.

Speakers: Ade Adewunmi, Digital Strategy Advisor, United Kingdom Government Digital Service; Aaron Ogle, Director of Civic Technology, City of Philadelphia, PA; Nicole Neditch, Senior Director of Practices, Code for America; Ben Smithgall, 2015 Pittsburgh Fellow, Code for America

There will also be plenty more, including everything from sessions on creating accessible digital services to breakout hackathons to panels on how to improve the talent pipeline for government.

If you’re invested in creating better services for citizens in the 21st century, the Code for America Summit is something you won’t want to miss. And now you don’t have to – because CfA is offering a whopping 25 percent off admission to GovLoop members. Want to sign up? Just head here to claim your discount.

More About the Code For America Summit:

The Code for America Summit is the preeminent annual gathering of civic technology leaders — ranging from mayors to entrepreneurs, community organizers to Chief Technology Officers. For three days, more than 1,300 government leaders, technologists, and community members will come together in Oakland, California, to delve into how together, we can transform government for the 21st century. This year’s summit will focus specifically on practices, products, and skills that are central to building 21st century government, particularly in the areas of health, economic development, safety and justice, and communications and engagement. 

The 2015 Code for America Summit will be September 30 – October 2, at the Oakland Marriott City Center. The Summit is filled with three days of keynote sessions, panel discussions, breakout sessions, and interactive problem-solving workgroups. The program includes:

Code for America is offering GovLoop members a 25% discount through Sept 4: http://www.codeforamerica.org/summit/?discount=govloop-25

More information regarding the Code for America Summit, including registration, costs, and session descriptions, may be viewed at: www.codeforamerica.org/summit.

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Alan Agustin Hodson

A very novel approach to sharing resources. Too bad that there is no mention of Open Source Software on the main page. In fact, Micro$oft if the first link… sad, sad.