Accelerating Your DevOps Journey in the Public Sector

In the public sector, programs can run slowly and inefficiently. The government’s information technology systems are growing more outmoded while the public’s expectations about technology, speed and delivery are rising. As the private sector pushes IT boundaries and experiments with improved services, the public sector faces challenges of regulations and constrained financial resources.

Additionally, unlike the cutting edge firms in the private sector, the public sector is saddled with legacy IT that they have to modernize. True, federal agencies don’t necessarily need to be Google or Amazon – but many underestimate the significance of IT in executing on their missions.

Today, every company today is a technology company regardless of what line of business they are in. Bottom line: Government needs more efficient IT management systems.

Fortunately, recent innovations and developments in technology and IT management provide opportunities to help the government deliver its technological products more effectively. In particular, the public sector has begun to look toward a project management and software development approach and mindset known as DevOps to cope with some of these challenges.

This Industry Perspective aims to provide you with the basic tools necessary to start implementing DevOps for your IT project management. Although it’s perhaps intimidating and seemingly hard to grasp at first glance, DevOps is a clear and common sense approach to technology.

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