A Deal to Avert the Fiscal Cliff Emerges — Plus the Stories You Need to Know Before Thanksgiving

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It’s thanksgiving week, and we know you are crunched for time. So we’ve decided to hit you with some quick headlines so you can get back to work!

The Dreaded Fiscal Cliff And Beyond

  1. The Atlanticl: Shape of Fiscal Cliff Deal Emerges.
    1. Top staffers are working on a fiscal cliff deal after leading Democrats emerged encouraged from a Friday White House meeting in which Republican leaders did not explicitly reject the suggestion they accept a Senate-passed bill that would allow tax rates to rise on top earners, leadership aides said.
  2. Government Executive: Pry a Take Hike from the House
    1. With so many clairvoyants gaming out scenarios for avoiding the fiscal cliff, there’s one route available to Congress that has received little attention: the discharge petition. A century-old House rule permits rank-and-file lawmakers, if they are frustrated that leaders refuse to bring a pet bill up for a floor vote, to gather signatures to pry the legislation out of committee. A majority of 218 names is required for success and it can anger the leadership, which is why the procedure is used so rarely.

  3. FCW: A Graphic Look at Budget Cuts

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