And The Highest Paid Employee Is…

A month back, Mr. GovLoop took a look at the pay grades of ESPN staff and federal workers. The findings were pretty interesting and it was a little bit of a mixed bag on who came out on top.

Well browsing the web today I found another article where the pay scale of the sports world and government employees clash and this time it’s not even close.

According to a Deadspin infographic (don’t worry it’s suitable for work) in 39 states the highest (and sometimes 2nd and 3rd highest) paid government employee in none other than a sports coach.

I love my sports, especially Kansas Basketball, and on any given day November through March would argue with you that Bill Self is worth every dime he’s paid. But, alas it’s August and I’m a little disgusted with the infographic’s findings.

How does this make you feel as a public employee? Does it stink or is it just so much the norm that it doesn’t matter?

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Kim Truong

A colleague and I just saw this yesterday and thought there was something off. Then we saw that “additional compensation” – from media, fundraising, apparel, etc. – far exceeds salary, making coaches the highest paid in many states. That stuff doesn’t apply to the typical public employee.

Stephen Peteritas

I read that too Kim, but if those things don’t happen out of generated profits then the state has to pay it. So for powerhouses that’s not a problem but for smaller, less successful sports programs that money is coming from the state if the institution is public. My guess is that doesn’t under up happening a ton at the larger salary jobs but still.