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Are You Effectively Reaching Your Residents?

Agencies have come a long way from the scramble and panic that occurred three years ago, when remote work and digital outreach became the “new normal.”  

Now that your organization has gotten into the groove of hybrid work, it’s time to take a moment to pause and reflect on how the overall switch to digital services has impacted the biggest part of your mission – meeting the needs of your constituents. The public has expressed an appreciation for the option of easily accessible online services.   

But not everyone has the same needs – are you sure your agency is reaching everyone in your community? Some folks aren’t tech savvy while others might not have consistent access to online services. It’s time to ensure you’re getting feedback from each person to build trust, as well as create goals and policies that mirror the values of those you serve. 
To strengthen constituent engagement, look at this guide, which includes tips and tactics for addressing digital divides, as well as advice from peer agencies, who share their challenges, solutions and recommendations for reaching residents in a digital and hybrid world. 

You’ll explore: 

  • Case studies about constituent engagement from San Francisco, Oklahoma, San Antonio and North Carolina. 
  • Facts and figures that illustrate the current state of trust in local government. 
  • Definitions of programs and ideas to know. 

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