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Empower Your Employees Through Modernization

Offering your citizens top-notch service while staying secure from cyberthreats is already a full-time job, but if your agency is trying to meet those goals with outdated equipment, you’re playing a game of catch-up that’s hard to overcome.  
Did you know that a report from the Government Accountability Office revealed that some government agencies aren’t just using slightly outdated technology, but decades-old equipment? 
If you’re one of them, that technology is holding you back from putting your best foot forward. It can make hiring and retaining new employees tricky, as the workforce of today is used to a certain standard of technology. These forward-thinking employees won’t want to be trained on the equipment of yesteryear.  

You’re also likely hanging on to sensitive information that could make you a prime target for cyberattacks and could compromise not only your data, but private information from your constituents. All in all, outdated technology can cause your organization an endless number of potential problems.   

Join us Wednesday, Feb. 15 from 12-2 p.m. ET/9-11 a.m. PT for our mini virtual summit, as government leaders and industry experts share their insights on how to harness the power of tech and process transformation to make your job easier.  
You’ll hear from: 

  • Susan Little, Director, Division of Records and Information Systems/CMS Records Officer, Issuances, Records and Information Systems Group, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services  
  • Amy Haseltine, Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Acquisitions, Office of Information Technology Category, Federal Acquisition Service, GSA  
  • Alex (Crump) Smith, Chief HR Officer, City of Memphis  
  • Ann Dunkin, CIO, Department of Energy  
  • Damien Eversmann, Chief Architect for Education, Red Hat 

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