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Attackers Are Getting Smarter – Up Your Game With a New Line of Defense

Cyber attacks are on the rise in the public sector, with 83 percent of agencies experiencing at least one attack within the previous two years. 

Unfortunately, even with agencies adding protections like firewalls, access management solutions and endpoint protection, many attacks aren’t coming from where you would expect. Bad actors are targeting applications, striking where conventional security solutions don’t reach. One recent example includes a software development company whose software was tricked into using the web to download malicious code, which it was not originally designed to do. 

Because the methods of cyber attacks are changing, organizations have to switch gears as well, taking a deterministic approach—one that protects your agency from the inside against security vulnerabilities. 

Deterministic protection platforms safeguard your applications while they are running, with little to no impact on their performance. Additionally, this protection solution understands how your applications are supposed to operate normally, so activity that’s out of the ordinary is quickly detected.

Check out this guide, which explains the concept of a deterministic protection platform and best practices for putting it to use.

The guide also includes a real-life example from the Defense Department, which isn’t an exception from attacks from bad actors. With a goal of creating a more effective cybersecurity approach, read up on what happened when they decided to look more closely at protecting legacy systems across virtual machines and cloud resources.

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