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Applications for Good SF: “All Income Foods” App Wins!

Having only attended one other code-a-thon before in my life, in Washington D.C., last weekend’s Applications for Good competition gave me the opportunity to experience civic app development, West coast-style. Applications for Good Registration Table Moderated by Arthur Grau of One Economy, the event began with a round table introduction of everyone in attendance —Read… Read more »

Code for America Fellows at OpenGovWest

Four Code for America fellows are excited to be attending OpenGovWest ’11, North America’s West Coast Open Government conference. Jeremy Canfield, Max Ogden, Alan Palazzolo and Chach Sikes will be speaking on several panels, and checking out the code-a-thon and unconference on Saturday. Sessions include: Open Source & Community Sourcing: How sharing code is improvingRead… Read more »

An Early Win for CfA’s DC Project: SF Addressing System Open-Sourced

We at Code for America are excited to celebrate an early win for open government and our DC project. A multimillion dollar IT project, developed for the the City and County of San Francisco, is now available at no cost to any government that needs it. It’s an important step towards a new model ofRead… Read more »

Citizen Action Center: Help Your City Code for America in 2012

Code for America began with a casual conversation between our Founder, Jennifer Pahlka, and Andrew Greenhill, Chief of Staff in Tucson, Arizona. That conversation launched a growing organization that is striving to help the brightest minds of the Web 2.0 generation transform city governments. Conversations matter. We believe that each conversation you have about CfARead… Read more »

What’s Your Favorite Gov 2.0 Read? Contribute to the CfA Book List.

In just a few weeks, our inaugural class of fellows will be coming together in San Francisco for the first time. These are folks from all kinds of different backgrounds and strengths, who will be spending a year putting their heads together to find creative solutions to civic problems. This is an exciting but challengingRead… Read more »

Code for America 2011 Projects Overview Video and Deck

This week, Code for America hosted a webinar to discuss our plans for the 2011 projects and how you can get involved. We were thrilled to see the great turnout, as well as the lively conversation happening on twitter. (For example, @govnerdgrrl: “Code for America webinar just talked about a Foursquare type app built on…JohnRead… Read more »

A Little Laboratory of Democracy: An Open Cities ThinkUp

Local governments are considered “laboratories of democracy” — the places where ideas are generated, tried, and evaluated. Instead of relying on just the one, decidedly cumbersome national government to generate new policy, the founders crafted a flexible federal structure, where the more numerous and more nimble states and cities could experiment on their own andRead… Read more »