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4 Tips for Crowdsourcing in the Federal Government

Recently we’ve had several federal program managers and clients inquire about crowdsourcing options for different projects. It isn’t a new idea but it’s one that still has a hint of innovation about it. In many cases it’s also a relatively cheap or free way to do some stakeholder engagement and outreach, find some interesting newRead… Read more »

Three Things that Won’t Change with the New Federal Budget Deal

Will this get us back to normal? That’s a question I found myself asking after reading the reports about the federal budget deal. During the shutdown, things definitely didn’t feel normal and I didn’t think they’d get back there again. But if Congress passes this two-year budget deal, I think a lot of us willRead… Read more »

This Year Kind of Sucked: Take Some Time to Take Stock

This has been a rough year for the Federal Government: sequestration, shutdown, almost shutdowns, questions about government IT and effectiveness, and another potential shutdown coming in January. I’ve been thinking about the need to take some stock in this small breathing space we have between the pressures of recovering from the shutdown, the time ofRead… Read more »

Taking Responsibility for Failed Government Projects

The difficulties with have been a big topic of conversation here in Washington, D.C. The recent New York Times story on the contractors involved in building it and the hearings on Capitol Hill have raised some uncomfortable questions for me about our profession. The main one is: Can’t we take responsibility for anything? WhenRead… Read more »