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Challenges and Opportunities in Big Data From Industry and Academia Panel

After government executives announced 0ver $200 million in Big Data initiatives last week, a panel of thought leaders from industry and academia moderated by New York Times technology and innovation reporter Steve Lohr discussed the current state and exciting future of Big Data research. The panel helped demonstrate why the research and development initiatives wereRead… Read more »

Cloudera Day in DC: Cloudera Manager and Enterprise

Tweet Another valuable pannel at the DC Cloudera Day was Todd Lipcon’s look into Hadoop management software Cloudera Manager available through Cloudera Enterprise. Cloudera is in the business of making Hadoop, the open source Big Data storage and analysis platform, easier for enterprises to adopt and, though the first step is their Cloudera Distribution IncludingRead… Read more »

Catbird’s vSecurity 5.0

Tweet While virtualization offers many benefits to enterprise such as lower costs and greater flexibility, it also creates new challenges. One of the greatest concerns with switching over to virtualized infrastructure, espeically in government, is security and compliance in a complex and dynamic environment which legacy software can no longer handle. Catbird offers automated securityRead… Read more »

FedCyber Webinar: The Security Development Lifecycle

Tweet On Friday, 16 December, Michael Howard hosted a webinar for FedCyber on the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), Howard is Microsoft’s Principal Security Architect with nearly 20 years of experience in the field and literally wrote the book on SDL, a topic that keeps growing more relevant. This year, the federal government put intoRead… Read more »

Mobile Continues to Trickle in to the Military

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Intelligently Adapt with CloudShield

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Government Big Data Award Nominee: GCE Federal

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Government Big Data Award Special Mention: US Department of State, Bureau of Counselor Affairs

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Bob Gourley’s 2012 Outlook: “Expect Disruptions”

Tweet Bob Gourley was recently interviewed for WashingtonExec’s New Series: WashingtonExec 2012 Prediction Issue: Execs Speak Out. 2012 is fast approaching, and with it comes big changes in the Federal IT industry. WashingtonExec is giving local executives the opportunity to share their thoughts on where they see the government contracting industry headed. Leaders of theRead… Read more »

Microsoft Focuses Big Data Efforts on Hadoop

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