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Daily Dose: Do You Feel Safe At Work?

Even though it’s been ten years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, federal employees still feel weary when they go to work. The DC Earthquake was a prime example, as many worried that it was not an earthquake, but indeed another attack on a nearby building. This fear, however, has not kept federal employees out ofRead… Read more »

CFC Live Blogging, General Session: John Lazar, Executive Director

John presented the campaign/marketing plan, and made closing remarks for the general session. CFC started back in 1961 by President Kennedy, and is the largest workplace giving campaign in the world. $67 million was raised last year, with an average gift of $498. The CFC boasts an administrative cost ratio of 7%, which helps theRead… Read more »

CFC Live Blogging, General Session: Kaci Hickox, Doctors Without Borders

Today Kaci talked about “from here to there”, and how leadership here in the United States makes an impact in the global community. She has worked with Doctors Without Borders (DWB) for the past 4 years, but also spoke on behalf of many other international organizations that help with education, agriculture, and finance. All ofRead… Read more »