CFC Live Blogging, General Session: John Lazar, Executive Director

John presented the campaign/marketing plan, and made closing remarks for the general session.

CFC started back in 1961 by President Kennedy, and is the largest workplace giving campaign in the world. $67 million was raised last year, with an average gift of $498. The CFC boasts an administrative cost ratio of 7%, which helps the charities reduce their processing costs for donations.

The goals in 2011 are to increase participation by 5.5% (to reach 38.6%), increase total funds raised to a minimum of $67.2 million, and increase number of donors via electronic pledging. To achieve this the CFC looks to improve campaign marketing, create an emotional connection with the beneficiaries of the campaign, and engage a new generation of donors. Additionally, John has decided to change the visual style and design of the campaign in order to strengthen it’s impact by focusing on the individuals the campaign affects. He hopes that by making the campaign more bold and fun, more people will be compelled to help the cause.

John shared some quick fundraising tips for volunteers:

  • Engage your leadership
  • Plan activities and events early
  • Stress the importance of payroll deduction
  • Use personal stories to make giving relevant
  • Encourage the use of e-Giving
  • Connect with social networking (GovLoop shout out!)
  • Take advantage of the support executives
  • Keep the campaign visible
  • Involve labor unions
  • Say thank you!

John thanked the audience, and hoped the conference empowered us to make this a successful campaign!

Interested in checking out one of the campaign vides? Click here:

For more information on how to donate to this campaign, feel free to visit

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