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Is (Big) Data Good or Evil? Maybe Neither?

I just finished reading a great article from one of my former Teradata colleagues, Chief Data Officer, Bill Franks. He makes a strong argument that Big Data is not inherently good or evil anymore than money is. What makes Big Data (or any data as I see it) take on a characteristic of good orRead… Read more »

Government Reimagined: From Small Sets of Data – To Giant Leaps of Insight

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with what came before the “final result”. For instance, I was much more interested in HOW and WHY my toys worked than the fact that they did work. Over the years, my curious nature led to many a toy, including sophisticated toys, real automobiles,Read… Read more »

Step Back Because It’s Too Hard?

Being a member of the Data Transparency Coalition has some interesting benefits, not the least of which is, insight to activities happening on Washington’s Capitol Hill that are directly related to data. There are times for those of us who believe in the power of open, transparent data to rejoice, such the DATA Act beingRead… Read more »

Follow the Data — and Follow the Money: How to Save State Taxpayers $21.5M a Year

Here’s a question. Say you are the facilities manager for a government building. How do you keep track of the operating status of all the equipment and infrastructure within the building? Would you know if a chiller was not operating at peak efficiency? Now, hold that thought… Wind the calendar back to 2008. Recognizing aRead… Read more »