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Government Tech Trends to Watch in 2013

One of the reasons I enjoy this time of year, aside from perfecting Sticky Toffee Pudding recipes (seriously, you should try this one…), is the annual technology prediction discussions for the upcoming year. While I don’t pay attention to every single technology prediction made (usually by companies trying to sell me something) the “Technology ForecastRead… Read more »

Rock Star Conditioning: 4 things you can do today to bring out your inner business Rock Star

The start of a New Year for most means time to wax nostalgically on the previous year and set out to embark on the New Year with all kinds of well-meant resolutions for the future. I, like many others, have set audacious goals for myself with every intention of following through and like many othersRead… Read more »

Apple vs. Android, iPad vs. Android Tablets

About a month ago I decided to renew my contract with AT&T and upgrade to the iPhone 4 after much loud and vocal discontent with both AT&T and the speed of my iPhone 3g after one of the OS updates. I have two key reasons why I decided to continue with Apple at this pointRead… Read more »