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The Importance of Confidence

Creative Commons via Over the past 4 years, I’ve met a lot of my online friends “in real life.” And, as a sociologist, I’m always curious to see if someone will live up to their online persona. There are 3 possibilities, right? I am always delighted when people meet or exceed my expectations andRead… Read more »

Don’t Give Up…You Are Loved

Creative Commons via Since it’s the beginning of the year, I’m cleaning out my office again. Yes, I seem to do this every year, but it is always fun to rediscover older technology that I’ve used in previous years. Today’s rediscovery was my Microsoft Zune. This was, to be honest, my first iPod becauseRead… Read more »

But the “Experts” Say….

Creative Commons via There are many blogs written by “social media experts” and while they provide valuable guidance, they can also make social media feel overwhelming to the beginner. Within minutes of surfing articles online, you’ll find wisdom that suggests a person has to blog 4-7 times per week or tweet multiple times perRead… Read more »

Afraid to Adapt?

Creative Commons via Flickr Sammy0716 In the world of social media, I have become pretty comfortable. I currently use Facebook personally and professionally via multiple fan pages, Twitter in 5 different ways, WordPress for 3 blogs, Blogger for 2 blogs, Foursquare for fun and begrudgingly, LinkedIn as my electronic business card. Oh yeah, and thenRead… Read more »

Time is Precious

Creative Commons via Robbert van der Steeg on FlicKr None of us are born with the knowledge of how many days we have on this earth. I suppose, if we did, it might be a bit torturous….always wondering if we could cheat the certain hands of death. Today, I’m not going to write about socialRead… Read more »

Keep It Real

Creative Commons via Recently, I found myself in an interesting conversation on Twitter regarding the use of social media in emergency drills or exercises. Usually in emergency drills, a script is created that contains various messages or “injects” which are intended to drive participants to act in a certain way. We use these inRead… Read more »

Recognizing Difference

Used under Creative Commons, Image by Flickr user Nevada Tumbleweed I love Tuesdays. For the next several months, I’m engaged in a project that is a lot of fun for me because it taps into some of my favorite skills. I often tell people that being an Emergency Manager is very similar to being anRead… Read more »