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There are many blogs written by “social media experts” and while they provide valuable guidance, they can also make social media feel overwhelming to the beginner. Within minutes of surfing articles online, you’ll find wisdom that suggests a person has to blog 4-7 times per week or tweet multiple times per day in order to connect with an audience.

Now for people who are already active in social media, these expectations may not strike fear when you hear them, but if you aren’t sure you can commit to these expectations, never fear because I have one simple question for you: Why Are You Using Social Media?

There can be many reasons that a person blogs or engages in social media that can include:

  • Self-satisfaction: Writing as you would in a journal
  • Collecting good ideas: Sharing information when you hear something you think others may find useful
  • Sharing with a niche or hobby group
  • Providing industry news or events with an audience
  • Sales or marketing

Often, the “social media experts” are talking to an audience that is using social media from a marketing perspective. The outcomes are significantly more dependent on a loyal audience.

Public sector or emergency services audiences can be often more transient meaning that when the emergency happens, the public will “surge-follow” these accounts. They may have relatively small followings before they become the highlight of breaking news, but much more popular when danger is imminent. And, if you are blogging for personal satisfaction or collecting key ideas, you may never really care if anyone reads your blogs.

So, when the “experts” tell you that you NEED to blog 5 times per week, simply reflect on why you blog. If your reasons depend on a loyal audience, follow all of the tips and tricks from those who are smart in the field of social media. If you find alternate reasoning, blog to the beat of your own drum. Set a battle rhythm that makes sense for you. If that’s once per week or once per month, you’ll still most likely achieve your goals.

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