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Flexibility Does Not Equal Results

Flexibility. Sounds good. What else reminds us of flexibility? Nimble? Agile? Then why does the word “flexibility” as it relates to work make me cringe? And why are there so many Human Resources professionals touting workplace flexibility? At its very basic level, flexibility sounds good. Employers want to give employees some work-life balance to increaseRead… Read more »

Why Not?

Have you ever come up with a new idea and someone immediately lists the million things that could potentially go wrong? I think that energy is negative – it’s focused in the wrong direction. It is stifling creativity, conversation and, quite possibly, game-changing solutions. In some government organizations, we hear “that’s how we have alwaysRead… Read more »

Telework: More Work is Needed

The Federal Government touts its telework program as being a great benefit to employees. But is it a benefit that people can use? And, if they can’t use it, is it a benefit? In 2011, Jody Thompson, co-creator of the Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE), was a speaker at sessions with HR representatives from the VeteransRead… Read more »