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Offsite ice breaker: the only one I’ve ever found to be useful

I wrote yesterday about “How to run a better offsite meeting or tour“. And a good comment was posted asking if I had any suggestions for good ice breakers (basically). And my answer is: I’ve only ever experienced one that I felt had any value. Typically exercises are cliches like “Tell us one thing aboutRead… Read more »

Is there a better way of doing milestone reviews?

Here are some of the issues with traditional milestone reviews (especially in Acquisitions) as I have experienced them in the past: They are very hard to schedule for in-person meetings Engineers and other involved parties rarely review the documents ahead of time Decision makers never review the documents, always relying on the engineers or involvedRead… Read more »

Attributes of a bad client

Let’s create a checklist of bad client attributes and behaviors, and see how this one stacks up: Consistently contradicts their own requests Changes priorities Gives conflicting requests from multiple people Bonus: conflicting requests from the same person Treats the “help” as second-class citizen Has a mountain of rules and regulations Does not follow any ofRead… Read more »