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12 Most Impressive Government Successes of 2015

As another year comes to an end, it’s time to celebrate the top successes achieved by U.S. government agencies in 2015. Agencies have exceeded goals, supported civil rights, created new opportunities for individuals, protected people’s wellness, and broadened our view of the universe. Rather than dwell on downers or let politics foul the mood, let’s… Read more »

Milestone Decisions: Why They’re Important and How Your Agency Can Reach Them

By Michael Ipsaro, PMP, CCE/A Your agency just received a legislative mandate to implement a capability by a specific date. The mission could range from expanding a capability, to improving security at a checkpoint, to meeting an estimated surge in demand for transactions in a compressed time period. It may take months or years toRead… Read more »

Does Management By Numbers Work?

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure” is often attributed to business guru Peter Drucker. But Oxford professor Christopher Hood raises a provocative question: Does “management by numbers” actually lead to improved performance? Dr. Hood, who is a well-respected public management professor, poses this question in a recent article in the Public Administration Review andRead… Read more »

Is there a better way of doing milestone reviews?

Here are some of the issues with traditional milestone reviews (especially in Acquisitions) as I have experienced them in the past: They are very hard to schedule for in-person meetings Engineers and other involved parties rarely review the documents ahead of time Decision makers never review the documents, always relying on the engineers or involvedRead… Read more »