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Code for Germany Launched!

In July 2014, the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany launched Code for Germany! We presented the project to the media, to our international partners, to friends, city representatives and to members of our Advisory Board in advance of the OK Festival in Berlin. It was a pleasure for us to welcome partners, supporters, and members ofRead… Read more »

Becca Blazak – Why I’m Coding for America

Technology is exciting, constantly evolving, seductive. It has had an incredible impact on the world. With the evolution of social media, the way we communicate has forever changed: it has given a voice to so many people from whom we never before had the opportunity to hear from. Conversely, technology has also created a platformRead… Read more »

The Fixie Federal IT Paradigm

i owned and rode my first fixed gear bike in the winter of 1985. i was a member of my high school cycling team back then in Fall River (pronounced fall reeva) MA. Winters in southeastern new england are a little harsh; there is a good mix of snow, freezing rain storms, no’-easters coming inRead… Read more »

Tiffani Bell: Why I Code for America

Give me your tired (of the status quo), your poor, your black, your brown, your multilingual, your hackers, your entrepreneurs — all yearning to improve government. If that wasn’t a remix of “The New Colossus,” it could have been the call to action I heard from Code for America once upon a time! Go backRead… Read more »

Announcing the 2014 Code for America Accelerator Class

We’re excited to announce the 2014 Code for America Accelerator class. It was a tough selection process — with strong applications from more than 112 companies. Ultimately, we decided on five key companies. The 2014 class of the CfA Accelerator includes: AmigoCloud (San Francisco, Calif.): Founded by Ragi Burhum and Victor Chernetsky, AmigoCloud is aRead… Read more »

Transitmix: Design Your Perfect Bus System

On June 19th at BETA, we had the pleasure of launching the public beta of Transitmix, a sketching tool for transit planners (both professional and armchair) to quickly design routes and share with the public. Transitmix is a cross-team, collaborative project that has received contributions from eight 2014 Fellows from seven different city teams.* ItRead… Read more »

John Stewart, You’re Getting Your Wish

In one of the many (justified) rants that John Stewart has treated us to on the Daily Show, he asked the question: If we could take the same urgency, enthusiasm, and clarity of vision you need to get elected to government and apply those to governing, could we fix some things? Yes, we [expletive deleted]Read… Read more »

Beyond Public Hearings: Engaging in the 21st Century

Community engagement can be addressed from many perspectives; a wide range of coverage only strengthens the topic as a key value of inclusive democracy. In the past few months we’ve blogged about how Boston’s gamifying the process and getting youth involved, how engagement needs to be all inclusive, and how governments engage in events likeRead… Read more »

Civic Hacking in Chattanooga

When Chattanooga decides to throw a civic hackathon, it does things a little differently. Over the weekend of May 31 and June 1, dozens of developers, designers, and community-minded people gathered in the Church on Main to hack for their city – and, oh yeah, for some yoga, team trivia, and that Southern staple, biscuits.Read… Read more »