Becca Blazak – Why I’m Coding for America

Technology is exciting, constantly evolving, seductive. It has had an incredible impact on the world. With the evolution of social media, the way we communicate has forever changed: it has given a voice to so many people from whom we never before had the opportunity to hear from.

Conversely, technology has also created a platform that allows everyone to be a critic. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and blogs allow us to voice our opinions, broadcasting them across the social media sphere. But what good is a criticism without ideas for change or improvement? Does simply complaining have a measurable effect on our society?

Great leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gloria Steinem have understood something fundamental about government and power — power is derived from the masses; it’s participatory. In other words, if we don’t engage in our government, it will never change. It seems we’ve forgotten that we, as citizens, actually hold the power.

Why am I coding for America? Simple: I believe Code for America has potential for massive impact. CfA is taking the exciting, sexiness of tech and pairing it with government to spice up the way citizens interact with their cities.

With the Fellowship program, we give governments access to a different way of thinking. Brigades of volunteer groups hacking for civic engagement are popping up across the U.S. and internationally. Countries around the world are implementing the CfA model in their cities. Code for America is not just a non-profit organization; it’s a movement.

This is why I’m coding for America.

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