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Future of Computing Getting Clearer

There will come a time in the not so distant future when we don’t make the delineation between mobile, laptops, desktops and tablets. It will just be “computing.” We will expect the same computing power, operating system and access to information — no matter the device/access point. Interfaces will be the same, office walls willRead… Read more »

Mobility: It’s All About the Benefits

Mobility. It is the buzzword of the day and the future of citizen-government engagement. It holds tremendous promise for reducing costs and improving delivery of government services. But, it does require thoughtful implementation to ensure that its economic benefits outweigh the security risks and agencies promote collaboration without jeopardizing privacy. A recent report by ResearchRead… Read more »

How Will Open Data Redefine Agencies?

May 9th was a landmark day as President Obama signed an executive order that requires all civilian agencies to produce data in open, machine readable formats to allow for public use and commercial application development. We have been hearing about Open Data for almost five years now, dating back to the initial days on theRead… Read more »

A Promising New Landscape for Health IT

For many people, the mere thought of going to the doctor summons images of long lines, impatient receptionists and complicated insurance billing systems. But the introduction of technology into the healthcare arena may diminish or eliminate these troubling scenes that confront us all too often at the doctor’s office. Many patients envision a healthcare systemRead… Read more »